Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poove Poochoodava - K.S.Chitra

Another one of Chitra's mellifluous songs....after Chitra sung "Chinna Kuyil Paadum" for this movie, she became "Chinna Kuyil Chitra" for the tamil music industry.

This is the title song from Poove Poochoodava...

Song: Poove Poochoodava
Movie: Poove Poochoodava
Originally sung by: K S Chitra

PS: Checkout the updated version of "Aap Jaise Koi Meri" uploaded this weekend(Nazia Hussain)

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Harshan said...

Ajita ...well sung ...expressions could be improved.

Please check out our blog as we have posted a lot of songs ...when you get a chance.

Arvind said...

Hi Ajitha,

Thanks for the comment on my site. All your soundclick links have expired. Actually, you are not supposed to link any song directly, and hence they have built automatic invalidation of songs, after sometime (7 days i think).

Can you publish your sound click home page ?

Also, do listen to my compositions at


Awatts said...


I am able to listen to all the songs from my blog....dunno if this is a local problem (popup issues?!)



Marutham said...

Hello ,
:) Thanks for dropping by in my soundclick page & blog...
& thanku for ur compliments!! :D
I had not been able to reply...sorry for the delay!! You too sing really well& this track especially!!
Great going!! :)
Hope to see you around..

Arvind said...

Hey Ajitha,

Went through your soundclick site - good stuff !

You should definitely, shore up your talent with more practise i.e voice training - konjam shakiness could be found under strain

Keep it up ! , and do let me know if you'd like to lend your voice to my compositions. (offline please)


prits said...

Hey Ajitha...Wonderful Rendition...This song is one of my all time favorites...Thanks a bunch for visiting my blog and commenting...Keep visiting :)

Max Max said...

beautiful rendition...really really enjoyed this ur recent renditions have been simply outstanding...liked this one a lot...

Krishna said...

Ajitha..Thanks for your comment. I never knew about your blog till I saw your comment. You have a splendid voice. Will snoop around and listen to your other songs. :)

Krishna said...

Thanks for your comments on multiple songs in my blog. It has been a long long time since I recorded something. I must start again very soon. Appreciate your spending time in my blog.


Awatts said...

~~ Harshan: Thank you! Sure will work on expressions in the next ones..or may on this one if I get a chance

~~Marutham: Thanks again! Liked your Kal Ho Na Ho humming..different approach, gives me some ideas too..

~~ Arvind: Thanks!

~~ Prits: Welcome to my blog. Thanks and keep visiting here and sing more!

~~ Max Max: ~BOW~ Thank you am glad you enjoy my renditions as much as I enjoy your instrumentals. You have been a constant encouragement for me to sing more English songs too...

~~ Krishna: Welcome to my blog and Thanks for the many comments. Hoping to hear more songs from you

J said...

Wow, glad to know abt you :-)..Thanks for dropping in comments at my blog...soundclick pathiyae, enaku Marutham blog paatha apram thaan theriyum....and its a pleasant surprise to see soo many talented ppl there. Enjoyed listening songs composed by them the other day...and today yours!! Very Nice :-)

"Maalayil Yaaro" is my mom's fav. nalla iruku....Hindi songs namaku avlova theriyaatu..sorry :p Tamil songs elaam kaetutu iruken..thanks once again :-) Keep up the good work!
take care.

Awatts said...

~ J - Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting often..

Meera Manohar said...


Nice rendition, take care to keep yourself in sruthi, not too much of a slip... just a little bit.

Do keep posting more!