Friday, July 06, 2007

My Favorite Tamil songs of 2006 - Part II

Continuing my earlier post on my favorite Tamil songs of 2006, I selected the ones below based on how often I listened and enjoyed these songs on my ipod last year.

Song: Unakaaga Thaane
Movie: Nenjil Jil Jil
Singers: Unnikrishnan and Sujatha Mohan (Corrected after Singer Sujatha Mohan's comment)
Music Director: Imaan
What do I like: The beats are excellent. Chorus is good. The mix of hindustani classical "Dhirana Dhirana" and melodious "Devathai pola vandu"....tho I simply cant bear the nasal ending that Unni Krishnan has given to this song.


Song: Kanavaa Kaanala
Movie: Jerry
Singers: Sujatha Mohan (Corrected after Singer Sujatha Mohan's comment)
Music Director: Ramesh Vinayagam
What do I like: The opera kinda start adds interest to the song. Again the beats are awesome. Needless to say Sujatha's expression in the song is excellent. The way the song changes in first and second stanza ending is different. "vaa namellam pogalam vanellam, vaazh naalellam thenila aagalam".


Song: Nachathira paravaikku
Movie: Paramasivan
Singers: Tippu, Rajalakshmi & Chorus
Music Director: Vidyasagar
What do I like: Reminds me of a nice kids group song due to the chorus. But the content of the song is very romance oriented..."Sitradai kaviyame siragulla oviyame enai nee nee vilagadhe"..generally a fast song that wakes up anyone.


Song: Hitler Penne
Movie: Poi
Singers: Tippu, Sujatha
Music Director: Vidyasagar
What do I like: The rhythm and the melody in this song is just excellent...lyrics are fine but its interesting the way it fits in the song.."Nila thozhan neeya kala rasigan neeya..ore medai aanalum I dont love you".."Jannal ora kaatrum jaadi poovin vaasam"..Sujatha and Tippu have literally honeyed the song over..

Song: Summa Kedantha
Movie: Thambi
Singers: Karthik and Kalyani
Music Director: Vidyasagar
What do I like: Very villagey song, the picturisation of the song also is nicely slow motioned with the tune. Both Kalyani and Karthik have done justice to the song with very good expression at key points. The pace fastens a little for few lyrics in the middle "Nethi pottu kaari nerungi vaa pakkama"...overall a nice and a diff melody


Song: Lelakku Lelakku
Movie: Aadhi
Singers: Kay Kay & Sujatha
Music Director: Vidyasagar
What do I like:
Its a very different song. The song starts with meaningless Lelakku Lelakku, and goes on to have some English chorus, but the core music and lyrics is so applicable to everyone at every stage in life! "Inbam oru kaalam, varum thunbam oru kaalam, adhai etru kondu ponal manam eppodum paaadum", "varum sogam oru megam adhu sollamale pogum, andha sandhosham thaan vaanam"


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I just chanced on your blog.OMG..too good.Your voice speaks better than any applause or any such praise.
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sujatha mohan said...

Singer is sujatha Mohan not menon