Monday, October 08, 2007

♫ Musical Extravaganza......♫

Last sunday, September 30th, I went to a Concert in New Jersey with my family...Musical Extravaganza where Sadhana Sargam, UnniKrishnan, Karthik and Ganga were singers....The event was advertised by as "Musical Extravaganza", where the four singers were to sing songs from Tamil, Hindi and Telugu movies.

The week before, I helped in gathering trivia and songs on all the four singers for a special show that Venky hosted on DhoomFM, and that gave me a lot of insight into these singers. Thanks to Venky for sharing the pictures with me.

The experience we had at the concert was OUT OF THE WORLD!!!

The show started with Ganga singing IR composition "Ooru Sanam" - what a sweet voice! She is a good example of talent underutilized in the Indian Music Industry. She could sing every singer's songs with ease and effortlessness.

Then came UnniKrishnan. The image that we have usually of Unni Krishnan, is that of a very conservative, classical style singer...but he proved otherwise in this concert!!! He sang his popular Jeans number - Hai Re Hai Re in tamil. He ensured that the audience were not left alone. He jumped out of the stage, came over to the audience and made us all sing the chorus for that song...THAT was something I least expected from Unni Krishnan!

Sadhana Sargam, just as sweet as her voice, sang "Snehithane" from Alaipayuthey, and ofcourse the song that won her National Award under IR composition "Paatu Solli".

Karthik, - WOW...what a stage presence and what energy levels...the guy is unbelievable on stage!!! He kept referring to peppy numbers as "kick ass" numbers and sang "Karu Karu Vizhigalal" from Pachai Kili Muthu charam as well as "Girlfriend venum" song with vigor and enthu. Much awaited, Oru Malai from Ghajini came much later and he started his rendition with a song that he said "changed his life" - "Sakthi Kodu" from Baba. His voice is divine. Such control and strength in this singing....hats off Karthik!!

Then there were a bunch of songs mostly in Tamil and we had folks dancing on stage and having a gala time.

The added bonus and least expected surprise was that Solo Drum player "Siva Mani" was in town and so was SPB Charan. They both made it to the show as audience but little could they resist being on the other side of the stage.

We had an impromptu "Mirdhangam converted to Drum" version of beats by Mr. Siva Mani and SPB Charan's "Nagila Nagila" rendition. They had the audience thrilled and jumping for more!!!

Final song for the audience, was "Mustafa Mustafa" and we had most people joining the singers on stage...

One unforgettable event...we went home feeling very relaxed, with a feeling of enjoyment and stresslessness, wishing more such events happen in the near future!!

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Anonymous said...

I was looking for reviews of this concert online because I attended it and it was truly out of this world. This is the second time I attended this organizer's show and both the times walked out having the time of my life. The bonus performances were just unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a review for this event. My name is Subramanian

Ramya harish said...

It feels great to witness live concerts na.. nice review..:)