Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oru Iniya Manadhu (Jency)

Nearly 5 months after, managed to record this evergreen tamil song, composed by IR and sung by Jency.

Song: Oru Iniya Manadhu
Movie: Johnny
Original Singer: Jency

All songs in Johnny were a great hit! One other song that I am hoping to sing, if I could get a hold of the Karaoke is "Aasaya Kathula". If any of you have or know where I can get a hold of that ktrack, please let me know.

Took me just a few hours of recording and mixing for this one, so hope it meets the expectations for you to enjoy this rendition!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You have very clearly sung the song "Oru Iniya Manadhu isaiyai azhaithu chellum" and I enjoyed hearing it two times with the original song of Jency in between. A song which was popular those days for the music has today been made popular because of your clarity in revealing the lyrical beauty of the song with your good voice. Hearing your song, I made a flight through various internet pages and Google Searches to know more about the song, comments thereon and again I landed back to hear your voice in this song again only to fly again absorbed in your song this time with my eyes closed.
The song says a good mind will take with it music. But your singing has proved that a good song will take our minds to places. You have succeeded.

I watched the song in this link: wherein you get the lyrics both in English as well as Tamil

Ashok R Chennai