Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conundrum of Sonata - Daily Tamil Film Music Quiz


Introducing an AWESOME Music Quiz site by Sonata called

For all Tamil Film Music lovers, if you are a music fanatic and want to test your knowledge of Tamil Film Music, please visit Sonata's blog by clicking here.

Everyday, Sonata posts a music interlude from popular tamil movies and provides clues (sometimes enuf to guess the song even without playing the interlude!) that will aid you in identifying the songs.

I have been a regular visitor for almost two weeks now and am enjoying every single quiz put up there...and I wanted to share my pleasure of such a nice idea with fellow music lovers..

We have been asking Sonata to post Hindi song interludes keep a watch on that space...

3 reviews:

Harish said...

Where is ur song -(

Sonata said...

whoa..lady what is all this??never expected!! im totally flattered!!!super!!!
Thanks a lot!!! Really lot!!
Do u have ur mail id?? or atleast can u drop me a mail??

Murali said...


I have seen your name awatts as a regular commentator in my blog for the past two to three month (in which time I was not regular). I am listneing to your songs one by one. I shall comment on them as applicable. One observation that I have in almost all the songs is that you sing very well, but very very minor vocal instabilities peep in. I think as you sing more these will vanish, so keep singing loud and clear. I am enjoying your blog and I am blogrolling you.