Saturday, March 10, 2007

My favorite tamil songs of 2006 - Part 1

Friends - My apologies for not being able to post any songs off late. I have been feeling under the weather and it will be sometime before I can get enough strength to sing any songs.

Meanwhile, I thought of sharing my favorite (less popular) tamil songs of 2006 which in my opinion, did not make it to most of the top songs list of 2006. I have consciously not listed the very popular songs from SOK, VV, etc. I happened to listen to my ipod's Top 25 most played and found out these in no particular order. Will be posting them in sets of 5 over the next few weeks.

If you have not heard these songs before, you can listen to these songs by clicking on the e-snips links below:

Song: Kadhal thaana idhu kadhal thana
Movie: Nenjil Jil Jil
Singers: Kay Kay and Chitra Sivaraman
Music Director: Imaan
What do I like: Expressive vocals by the female singer, esp in the lines "Ayyo sagikaliye" and the overall peppy tune of the song.


Song: Koli kundu kannu
Movie: Emtan Mahan
Singers: Karthik and Kalyani
Music Director: Vidyasagar
What do I like: The tune suits the village theme of the movie, Kalyani has sung well in many parts "maasa kadsiya yen enna odukura" and Karthik needs no mention. He's sung wonderfully as usual.


Song: Un paarvayil paithiyam aanen
Movie: Something Something Unakkum Enakum
Singers: Karthik and Sumangali
Music Director: Devisri Prasad
What do I like: The movie kinda influenced my liking this song. The movie is a remake, according to me, of Maine Pyar Kiya in Hindi. The chorus "la la lai lai lai lai lai" is jumpy, and the main song is quite a melody.

Something Somethin...

Song: Poi solla poren
Movie: Thiruttu Payale
Singers: Kay Kay and Kanmani
Music Director: Bharadwaj
What do I like: Kanmani's expressive laugh, dialogues, lyrics of the song esp where it goes "Otha maanga nee dhaane, uppu kallu naan dhaane, orasiye thinnaal enna?
Kaatukathir nee dhaane, thattuchittu naan dhaane, kothi kothi thinnaal enna?" and also "udal enbadai naam marandhu vittu uravugal kondal enna"...


Song: Ennai konja konja
Movie: Aathi
Singers: Hariharan and Sujatha
Music Director: Vidyasagar
What do I like: This song puts anybody who is in a dull and sulky mood into a dance mood. Very inspiring song, esp for those who enjoy rain. Good mix of classical and film music tunes.


10 reviews:

Aparna said...

Hi! Listened to several of your songs today. You sing so nicely! Way to go!

Btw, I don't like any of the songs that you have mentioned in this post :(

Harish said...

Where do pick em :D
I Liked "Kaadal thaana" and "poi solla poren" among the lot.

Me too said...

#3 & #4 are my picks from your list! Take care!

Ganesh said...

Hey good songs.
I liked #3. btw seekaram blog update pannunga :)

Darvin said...

Hi Ajitha,I heard all your songs.
Is this original Song or sung by you?

Sonata said...

i think im caught in a time warp.. i dont seem to know any of the songs!!:-P listened to all ur songs!! waiting 4 ur next..:-)

Awatts said...

Aparna - Welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind words.Its ok if you dont like these songs because they never made it to the MOST popular list anyways...I like them for the specific reasons that I have stated here...

Harish - I typically listen to every new movie song that is released and the select the ones that catch my attention to download and listen again..apdi pidicha paatu thaan idhu ellam

Me too - Thanks Glad you liked at least two of them!

Ganesh - Will try to but my voice instrument has to get repaired first

Darvin - In this post, they are originals, all previous posts are sung by me

Sonata - Ipdi ellam paatu kekkalenna apram how will I identify the songs that you put up??

Tara said...

hey nice list of songs.. i like #3 4 and 5 from ur list..but they arent peppy ones.. looks like ur a music lover.. so... thought i would share this site wid u... .. they have got gr8 songs and the search is pretty easy.. i found many rare and old songs here... chk out.. and tell me how u liked it ..

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Hey I really liked ennai konja konja. Where can I download an mp3 from?

Awatts said...

Sindhu - You can get the song from this url...