Monday, November 13, 2006


Came across audioblogging just two weeks back (thanks to my friend and college batchmate - Preethy (, who introduced me to her involvement with and it caught me by waves....

Its incredible that these folks who created this album have not met one another and the entire album creation process has happened via emails, completely remote.

Pushed me listen to other audio blogs and inspired me to put up my recordings online.

The first one is recorded without any sophisticated microphone or recording software. Just my laptop's built in mic and a freeware recording software that kept jumping the tracks....but neverthless...first try...

Leave your feedback please...

4 reviews:

Preethy said...

hey Ajitha, It was so nice to listen to your voice again
after these many years! Walked down the memory lane ... Loved all your songs, especially 'You're still the one'! I think the recording can still be improved to project your beautiful voice.

Hope to hear more from you. I will
check back regularly :)

Awatts said...

Hi Preethy
Thanks for visiting and saying nice things about my voice and songs.

But for you, I would not have been here!!

Thanks again and keep visiting

Kavitha said...

Felt so happy to hear your voice after so long..All ur songs are awesome..Beautiful,Ajitha.Btw,this is Kavitha (REC).I always adored your voice.Wishing you more success..and hoping to hear more of your songs..

Awatts said...

Hey Kavi,
Thanks for stopping by and wishing me with your encouraging words.

Glad I made you nostalgic!

Will try my best to keep you entertained.