Friday, November 24, 2006

Kaatril Endan Geetham - S. Janaki

There was a dilemma whether to sing "Oru sanam" from S.Janaki's songs (since that has a lot of emotions or to sing Kaatril Endan Geetham). The decision was kinda easy cos I did not have the karaoke track for Oru Sanam.

One of the toughest songs. The pitch at which Janakiamma has sung this song is unbelievable.

I have tried my is for you folks to tell.

Song: Kaatril Endan Geetham
Movie: Johnny
Originally Sung by: S Janaki.

10 reviews:

Balaji said...

beautiful.. enjoyed it.

now waiting for ooru sanam.. :)


Mad Max said...

very very very nice...really enjoyed listenin to this fact this is one of those songs where cover versions are rare...great job

Awatts said...

Thanks for stopping by. Will try to get the Karaoke for Ooru sanam. I liked the remixes in your blog esp. Maasi Pudi.

Anup, Thanks for the encouragement.

Barani said...

First time here. Loved Kaatril very much !! I luvd listening to it.. Keep them coming.


Awatts said...

~~ Barani - Thanks and visit more often.

ann said...

once again , awatts..beautifully done with ur beautiful voice .. like this song a lot too :) ..!!!

Suchin said...

ajitha, this is my fav song. and you have sung really well. going by your taste for music, i see that you like lively and glamorous songs. in this song you have added that feel though the original has sridevi singing with a feel of "longing" for rajni.

you have very sweet voice for singing :) nerayya paadindirungo

Priya said...

That was such a wonderful rendition.You have done complete justice to the song! I have added you on my favourites :-)I was searcing for the karaoke track for this song and came across your blog..I'm glad i did. Would you mind sharing where you got this and the other tracks? Thankyou!!

Awatts said...

Priya - try where they sell CDs with ktracks..i got this from there..

Awatts said...

And thank you for adding this to your favs...and for your encouraging comment!