Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Alayamaniyin Oosaiyai - P. Susheela

My humble attempt at a song by P Susheela, the legend in film music industry. There are so many songs of P.Susheela that I would have loved to sing, this song is one of the first in the list.

'Petra Thaai' movie made in 1952 in Tamil (Kanna Thalli in Telugu) with A. Nageswararao and G. Varalakshmi in lead roles, is the movie that P Susheela sang her first song - a duet with A. M. Raja - 'Edhukku azhaithaai' for the movie.

The songs that she sung in 'Kanavane kan kanda dheiyvam' (1955) brought her the popularity that she so well deserved. Especially songs like 'Endhan ullam thulli vilyaaduvadhum,' 'unnaik kan thedudhe' brought out her talent for rendition. Then came 'Missiyamma' in the same year. Susheela became very popular with 'Brindha vanamum Nandha kumaranum' and 'ariyaa paruvamada' set to Karaharapriya.
If you are interested in P Susheela's history, check out this website

One of my personal favorites of P Susheela's is Oru Naal Yaaro from Major Chandrakanth. Will try to sing that next, if I get hold of the Karaoke.

Song: Alayamaniyin Oosaiyai
Movie: Paalum Pazhamum
Originally sung by: P Susheela

7 reviews:

Narayanan Venkitu said...

MHO - This is one of your best renditions!!

Loved ...it!! Wow..what a song !!

The words stood out thanks to the low volume in the BGM !


Hmm...I wish P Suseels listens to this...She'll be too happy.!

Awatts said...

NV Sir >> Thank you ~BOW~
The day Susheela amma listens to my rendition, it will be a dream come true day! Wish that happens soon...

Me too said...

Great job, again! I also liked your voice in 'Aap jaisa koi mujhe' and 'yaad piya ki'!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Excellent....!

Naveen said...

Very well done. You really have the tallent of modulating your voice to most of the singers.I could see Susheela's face when I listened this song. Excellent job. There was no strain at all during the song. Can imagine howmany times you might have listened and sung this song...

Rajasekar said...

Very good voice. But, I could not hear the whole song because song not loding completely. Where can I download this song?

Rajasekar said...

Good rendition and it's matching too. Where can I download this song?