Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Karupputhaan Enakku Pudhicha -Anuradha Sriram

Here is another singer who has become very popular in a short time in Indian film music space.

Though her first song was "Malrodu" in Bombay, her "Nalam Nalam ariya aaval" in Kadhal Kottai was a big hit. So was the song in Aasai "Meenamma"

The song that I have sung here is Karupputhaan enakku pudicha coloru, song from the movie VettriKodi Kattu. This song was a hit too for not just the music but also the lyrics...

Enjoy listening...

Song: Karupputhaan Enakku Pudicha coloru
Movie: Vettrikodi Kattu
Originally Sung by: Anuradha Sriram

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Raju said...

Ajitha, thanks for visiting my blog..

Listened to your songs and I dont have words to explain your voice.. Awesome talent u have got.. I wish some famous music director visits your blog, and as they say, 'the rest will be history'.

I am a big lover of female melodies.. Here is my post on my favorite female melodies. I am a big fan of Jency too..

BTW, I feel ur voice suits Anuradha the most.. "Karuppudhan" was mind-blowing.. Carry on ur good work..

Awatts said...

Raju -Appreciate your encouraging words.
This may sound modest but honestly, I am just an amateur singer using this as an avenue to take a break from from normal flow of life.
I did visit your melodies page, in fact that is where I landed first in your blog and it was interesting to see that many of the songs that you have listed there are in my list (either sung already or to be sung soon).
Thanks again!

Raju said...

Believe it or not.. this is the first time I am listening to this song fully and I am totally glued to it.. I must have listened to it some 20-30 times y'day... Your voice modulation for this song is perfect.. Since I listened to all your songs, I can see you have tremedously improved in the past 1 month...

I think you are implementing someone's suggestion that you should open your mouth more wider while singing.. I feel that, while doing so, you sing with more enthusiasm and more energy. I learnt this lesson too, and implemented it when I sang a song to my sweetheart.. she said I sang better today.. Glad there is always scope for improvement. :)

Awatts said...

Raju - Absolutely, there is always scope for improvement!

And, your comment is one of the best compliments any artist can expect, that the song made you listen to it many times...and am glad I have progressed to this stage.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ajitha

I enjoyed this song of Anuradha Sriram very much. You have done a great job ...Good luck...Will keep visiting and listening...Especially the emotion in the word "Karuputhan" ending at the start of the first stanza.


.:: Rosh ::. said...

Awatts...simply awesome! way to go girl!

Awatts said...

~~ Neeraja: Thanks and visit more often

~~ Rosh: Thanks for your encouragement! This is one of my favorites too.

ranjhith said...

hey superinga - semma blend - u hav given that folk tinge - good one! >:O) Kudos.

Naveen said...

A great performance Ajitha..
Well mimicked Anuradha. Excellent twistings.