Thursday, December 07, 2006

En Vaanile - Jency

Here's one more masterpiece from Ilayaraja from the same movie Johnny (as Katril Endan Geetham). This song was sung by Jency who gave some very good hits in the 80s. Some of her songs that are evergreen -

Iru Paravaigal & Aayiram Malargale : Movie - Niram Maaraatha Pookal
Kaadhal Oviyam: Movie - Alaigal oivathillai
Namthana namthana: Movie - Pudhiya Vaarppugal
Idhayam Poguthe: Movie - Pudhiya Vaarppugal
Enuyir neethane: Movie - Priya

I have sung one of the very popular songs by Jency.

Song: En Vaanile Ore Venila
Movie: Johnny
Singer: Jency Anthony

9 reviews:

Baranidaran said...

wow !! Good One. your voice suits this song so much,, Keep them coming..

Awatts said...

Barani >> Thanks for the comment. You should sing more too!

Krishna said...

Your voice fits like a T. Awesome. Keep em' coming.

Awatts said...

~~Krishna - Thanks! Barani also said the same. May be I should try more Jency songs :)

priti said...

Heeeeyyyy woooooooow heard this song only today...this song is perfect for you...suits your voice so well..(just like what everyone has pointed out) and the mixing n recording is crystal clear....Looks like I missed this one... :)

SurveySan said...

Great singing 'aWatts'.

I have linked it

SurveySan said...

hey, can you add a post detailing the steps on how you create a song with a karaoke track?

things like, what software is needed, where to get tracks, and how to mix etc.. would help.

can you? if you do please send me the link to surveysan2005 at

thanks much,

Anonymous said... have sung very well. Great...


Shankar said...

I am not a big fan of Jency's voice.. she has horrible intonation.. i just wish S Janaki had sung all of Jhonny songs. That said, your voice is sweet and nice :)

Btw, one small suggestion. You have used a midi track for the bg. You can turn off the lead intsrument (used for the voice part), so it doesn't sound along with your voice. You can use something like VanBasco karaoke player for this. Try disabling each track in turn to see which disables the lead.