Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yeh zindagi Usi ki hai - Lata Mangeshkar

So here I am completing my first month of audioblogging (successfully??!!!)

As the first month anniversary day, I am dedicating this song to my mom, who has been asking me to sing this song ever since I started blogging a month back.

I did not have the Karaoke, so I have put bits of music, in between, hoping it will not spoil the beauty of the song. I did this just to ensure that I was singing at the same pitch as the original.

Song: Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki hai
Movie: Anaarkali
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

5 reviews:

Dhiraj said...

Ajitha, A very good effort with out having the music, you did a good job, a small observation though, i think you are not singing full throated, open up your mouth and sing. You are trying to hold something back, free urself and sing. Keep going...

Awatts said...

Thanks Dhiraj for stopping by and providing your comments.
Will surely keep that feedback in mind.
Your website is amazing!

Injikadan Mathai said...

nice..very very nice song and an excellent rendition..

Leena Gore said...

Ajitha, beutifully sung, u have a very very good voice.

Listenned to most of ur songs, u have an amazing talent.

Do join
They ahve amazing tracks there which u can sing with.

Also i have fixed my blog do listen to my songs.

thanks for visiting my blog.

Awatts said...

~ Leena - Welcome to my blog and thank you very much for your kind words. I have been wanting to join Taranaa but havent found the time yet will do so soon.